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Here you can find best free silhouette vectors from ACworks categorized in various collections.

Silhouette from ACworks
You are looking for eye-catching free silhouettes that could be used legally both for your next personal and commercial projects? More than that, you want to find free silhouettes that could be used as the main elements in your designs for commercial projects? You are in the right place! Free Silhouette Collections from ACworks provide you with the best and high quality free silhouettes from ACworks. The free silhouettes are categorized in different themes and topics with the hope of fostering your experience on silhouetteAC, to help you save time, effort and cost when it comes to design.
You can obtain Extra licenses of these free silhouettes so that you can use them as the main elements in your designs for commercial projects with no worries about copyright-related issues.
For more information about Extra licenses, click here.

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Frequently asked questions about free stock silhouette vectors on silhouetteAC

Question 1: How can I use free stock silhouette vectors downloaded from silhouetteAC for commercial projects?

If you want to use the contents downloaded from our platforms in products for sell, you must ensure that our contents are not the main elements of the design.

For example, you cannot sell t-shirts, mugs, vinyls, calendars, etcetera, if these have an image from our sites as the main element of the design.

This means that you must use your own designs or third party designs to create the main elements of the composition and use images on our sites as backgrounds or secondary elements.

If multiple images on our sites are used to create the design, these will all be considered main elements, as they all belong to our sites.

Please be aware that this rule applies to both free and premium users.

Question 2: What are the diffrences between main elements and secondary elements?

Main element

An image is used as the main element when the resource is used in a product (physical or digital) as it has been downloaded from our site, without any changes being applied to the design.

It will also be considered the main element when small changes are applied to the design, like changing the color or orientation.

If you add other elements created by yourself or by a third party, like small details or adding/changing the text, but the design from our sites is still the element with more weight in the final composition, meaning that it attracts the attention before the other parts on the design, this will still be understood as main element.

Secondary element

Acworks resources are used as secondary elements when other elements, not from our sites, are added to the final composition and become more important than the resource from ACworks.

Please be noticed that using multiple images from our sites is also considered as the main element, so you need to add other designs created by yourself or from a third party.

If you want to use a background from our sites to add other elements on top, like a message in a fancy typography, please note that you must choose a background that has less weight than the text you add, like a watercolor or an abstract background.

If you choose a background with a floral frame or an illustration and just change the text it will not be enough.

Patterns cannot be used to create products like clothes, notebooks or wrapping paper, if these are to be used commercially, since these are considered main elements. You would need to create a new pattern, adding other elements not from our sites to the design.

Question 3: Can I use the materials downloaded from silhouetteAC as the main elements for my commercial projects?

Extra licenses are required if you would like to use the materials on our sites in your designs as main elements for commercial purposes. To purchase extra licenses, your account first needs to be a premium account. Once you buy the extra license of an image, you can use the image with no limitation regarding time of use and the number of projects.

See more information about Extra License here .

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